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South African Wine Tasting Championships

Each pack is comprised of 10 anonymous samples, 5 red wines and 5 white wines. Each pack will come with a link to our YouTube channel, to watch short descriptive videos of the potential wines that are part of the SAWTC 2023.

Once you feel ready to identify the wines, scan the QR code on the samples and access the form where you will log your answers. We will give 10 points for the cultivar, 6 points for the producer, 4 points for the vintage. The ranking of the competitors will be based on the highest score achieved. We will only publish the names of the finalists so your identity, and pride, is safe with us.

You have until the 20th of August to order your pack. Results will be published by on the 28th August. By purchasing this pack and competing, you accept that we broadcast your image as part of the finalist for the SAWTC 2023.The selection of Team South Africa will be organized on the 3rd September via Zoom.
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